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Track Name: Jon Drake & The Shakes - Elizabeth Johnston
I’m trying hard not to pretend you don’t cut me off
in the middle of a sentence when you’re right.
You allocate the time I spend wanting you.
I will find a reason to come back.
Did I love you in a past life?

I have the right to protest the occupation of my time.
I see no reason for it when you’re gone.
Call it into session; assemble to the courts to find our fate and what we take for granted.
We loved once or more.
We’ll dance around the fire we put out long ago.
It’s our way to recall.

We will lie.

I will take you back sometimes because it’s the only way to recall.

I have the right I have the right to avoid your silly game.
I have the right I have the right to join your silly game.

We will lie.
Track Name: Jon Drake & The Shakes - Margie
You can call me when you’re down
When you’re crying in the bathroom
And you’re cleaning out the teeth marks
And you thought you were to blame
Did you push a boy too far?
Did you spit right in his face?
You didn’t know what it was worth
You didn’t know that he was mad

Maybe it’s good I wasn’t there
I could have hurt him bad
Margie you’re such a fine girl
You’re okay.

Now I know that you’ve been drinkin
Cause you’re gettin fit to fight
And I know that you love me
I heard you were cussin on the bus
But I’m glad that you were gone
Cause you would have made a mess of that boy
Ayayayayayayayayaa seen you when you’re mad

Maybe it’s good that you were gone
I don’t want to hurt no one
You’re such a fine boy
You, you’re a fine boy
With a fine girl
I could tear him apart
I could hurt him something bad

Maybe I will
Maybe I could
Margie, I would tear his heart out